Our Process

No good general goes to battle without a rock-solid strategy. We put equal thought into the strategy before your campaign launches as we do into delivery and optimization.

Our process for creating world-class digital marketing campaigns has three unique phases:

PHASE ONE | Ideation

Many business owners only think about the demographics of their ideal customers. But the psychographic information is much more important – What do they think, feel, love, hate, and dream about? Our onboarding method helps you identify the exact internal and external motivations that drive the purchasing behavior of your tribe.

PHASE TWO | Creation

We create campaigns that convert like crazy. From leads, to product sales, to tickets sold – we reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message. Our process involves our Segmentation Method of campaign set up, and copywriting principles & bidding strategies that we’ve honed across millions in ad spend.

PHASE THREE | Optimization

Launching is just half the battle. You need campaigns that are monitored and continuously optimized to give you the best results possible for your budget. That’s why we check in daily to monitor KPIs and provide you the latest, up-to-date information. Your Return on Investment is our highest measure of success.

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